In the mood for walk abouts with my ‘dug’ (Scottish for dog) so I’ve chucked my tent, sleeping bag, mat, pillow, stove, pot & spork into a backpack, along with Maria’s blankie, coat and jumper ready to go.  Fancy walking to Kincardine from my home in Falkirk, to pick up Fife’s Coastal Trail up past Dundee.  But I have one issue.  Last year I walked the West Highland Way with Maria, in my socks and sandals and then cycled Maria in her trailer, from Inverness across Scotland to Fort William, then up the west coast to Ullapool.  My sandals were falling apart after that.  I cannot imagine wanting to walk a long-distance trail in anything other than sandals, but I’m left with the decision … my hillwalking boats, which are covered in holes, and were never waterproof anyway or my trainers. 

OMG what am I going to choose?  Boots or trainers?  Boots or trainers?  Come on Ishbel make a decision.  I was planning on completing the 120 miles in 5-6 days.  But if I’m no wearing sandals … realistically I’ll be 7-8 days.  And I’ll need to take blister plasters! lol

Two other things I don’t have, which I’m actually looking forward too, is not having a mobile phone and the maps having sold out.

It’ll just be like the ‘old days’, when Bebo was just taking off in the UK and Facebook was still to reach us.  I used to travel for months back then without a mobile phone and wrote letters instead … well … to be honest I maybe only wrote one or two letters, once I was gone … I was gone!  Adios Scotland … Hello World!  That to me is top notch travelling … so unconnected to the world left behind with no distractions from the world you’re now in.  I admit, it was a nightmare for my friends, who wouldn’t hear from me until I arrived back.  Never too late to say sorry!  

The idea of walking 130 miles with no phone and no map is filling me with nostalgic memories.  I’ve treated you (at my own expense) to a pic of me returning back to Scotland from a trip, where I didn’t have money for campsites to get a hot shower … this was before the internet made travelling with no money easy.  I did have a couple of cold showers, but I didn’t have shampoo and I didn’t have a brush with me.  I remember walking into a hair-dressers in Stirling when I got back and saying, can you fix my hair I’ve got a job interview.  I’ll never forget the look on her face.

So guys … walking boots or trainers? Lol

Ishbel xxx