Avoidance is a coping mechanism used to avoid a stressor

It’s no secret I like to experience my world-wide cycling adventures with as little planning as possible. I don’t plan my routes; instead enjoying the freedom to experience and react to each moment as it comes, rather than responding with a pre-determined framework. So, when it came to organising my book tour, I was in uncharted territory. Continue reading “AVOIDING MY BOOK TOUR”


This blog was inspired by the followers of the World Bike Girl blog and social media pages. I noticed when I shared posts of my earlier years I was always asked, how did you do it? How did you get from there to here. And to be honest I’d never given it a thought so I had no idea … I just did.

Over time I realised it wasn’t any one thing that brought me to where I am. It was a collection of tiny pieces all co-existing together that enabled me to get to where I am today, from days gone past. Continue reading “INTRODUCTION: THE HONEST BLOG”