This blog was inspired by the followers of the World Bike Girl blog and social media pages. I noticed when I shared posts of my earlier years I was always asked,┬áhow did you do it? How did you get from there to here. And to be honest I’d never given it a thought so I had no idea … I just did.

Over time I realised it wasn’t any one thing that brought me to where I am. It was a collection of tiny pieces all co-existing together that enabled me to get to where I am today, from days gone past.

This blog is an honest account of my every day thoughts, emotions and experiences with the hope of shedding light on that question.

How did you do it?

By the time I was 16 years old I was a broken mess. I was homeless, got put into foster care, ran away from foster care, was homeless again and spent the next few years in a mission of self destruction. The affect of sustained traumas took their toll and my negative coping skills and perceptions of myself and the world dictated my life, with devastating consequences.

I now travel the world, am an author, public speaker and about to embark on my first ever book tour. But the greatest gift of all is having the skills to enjoy healthy relationships with others and myself. My past doesn’t hold me back anymore; my past propels me into new successes.

This is a personal blog of my own life and how I did it, but I’m no psychologist, and I’m still learning every day, so I’m in no way an authority on anything written here.

I hope this blog inspires people to take action and find their own ways of being the best version of themselves, living life to the fullest and ensuring negative experiences in the past shape positive experiences in the future.

Thanks for reading.

Ishbel Holmes x