Tomorrow (Mon 10th June) I take Maria back to vets. I had her at vets on Sat (8th June) and the lump on her ear could be a type of tumor, found in tropical South American countries, and is an aggressive cancer. If this is the case, immediate action is required.

Maria has been on antibiotics for a week to get rid of infection and lessen the swelling, so a biopsy can be done. The vet has explained to me that, during biopsy, they may decide to remove Maria’s full ear.

I will update everyone as we progress, via this blog and Twitter (World Bike Girl). I ask people not to worry about Maria. If she enters your thoughts, please imagine her healthy and happy and feel gratitude for this.

I do not live in a catchment area for PDSA help, and I can’t thank everyone enough for donating to last month’s online fundraiser. With only 15 minutes of it going live, the £250 total was raised for initial tests. I was in utter disbelief and burst out crying.

But my friends and followers didn’t stop there. They kept donating to ensure, at a time when I was in a mental health crisis, with limited capacity, that I had the money needed to help Maria. For vet appointments, further testing and treatment if required. Thank you!

There was a delay in Maria’s further tests, as due to Just Giving rules, I was unable to request funds for another 14 days, and then it would be another 6 – 10 days before money reached my account. Thankfully, a friend, loaned me the last of their money to cover the £250 for initial tests, which did come back negative for cancer and showed her kidneys were functioning fine, but were inconclusive for anything else, including Leishmaniasis Disease, so a biopsy was required.

I have explained to Maria that she must get better. That when she does, she will have lots of time to sit under trees and stare up at squirrels and also she will get lots of sausages (not real ones, but special doggy treats) that she loves and don’t effect her gastrointestinal sensitivities. I keep saying to her, “Oooh Maria, sausages and squirrels if you get better!”

I really hope she’s going to be okay. She’s such a special dog. She is my world.

Thank you all again.

Ishbel … and Maria xxx

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Beautiful Maria
Maria’s Ear